Internet TV Station

TV Station is a media scheduling application designed to let you create and broadcast your own internet TV station. TV Station allows any user to setup and run their own instant online television broadcast network, including multiple channels, for video and/or audio. Users can setup a custom playlist of pre-recorded video content, YouTube videos, or images and broadcast it to viewers live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can also stream live video broadcasts in high definition video through Flash Media Live Encoder or directly from the TVStation application itself. Viewers can text chat among each other while watching their favorite show or listening to their favorite song for a complete interactive experience.

Newest features include a more compact viewer friendly interface for instant website embedding, a more user-friendly administrator interface with easier playlist building controls, and 'channels'. Administrators now have the ability to setup and manage multiple channels directly from one TVStation instance, and provide multiple broadcasters each their own secure admin interface access with various degrees of permissions. There is also an uploader with multi-bitrate transcoding (available on our U.S. servers only). Sign up now to see for yourself the powerful possibilities of this interactive application


User View of Application

Administrator View of Application