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Loyalty Card Feature

Lighten wallets with our mobile Loyalty feature. No more digging around for that paper stamp-card—users just hand their phones over and you type in your ultra secret code to add a point to their card.

GPS Coupons Feature

Build your repeat customer base by trading check-ins for discounts. With our GPS Coupon feature, users can accumulate points and unlock deals each time they return.

QR Coupons Feature

Get creative with coupon use through our scannable QR feature. Post a QR code at your business location to ramp up foot traffic, or on your business cards for an added tech touch.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with this simple sales solution. Through our Merchandise feature, businesses can stock their stores without the back injuries.

Unlimited, Rich Notifications

With geo-location features and malleable design options, you can target the right customers in the right way—whenever and wherever you want.

Robust Analytics

Our all-in-one analytics system take the guesswork out of app creation. Find out what’s a hit and what’s a miss with the tab view breakdown, or delve into demographics with user info that’s always at your fingertips. You’ll know who and what to target for the ultimate opportunity for return on investment.

Music Player Feature

Get people pressing play with our native Music feature. You’ll be going platinum in no time.

Video Integration

No more double-posting. The hassle-free YouTube feature syncs your videos automatically, so your users can see the latest without leaving the app.

Email Photo Feature

Need a simple way to receive pictures from customers? With the Email Photo feature, submissions are sent directly to your inbox. Please, no selfies.

Plus Many More....

A Vast Resource Of Over 50+ Features Included With Your Purchase

Over 50 different App Sections you can instantly turn on or off without and coding. There is a perfect combination of features to allow any small business or social community to gain more repeat customers with GPS Coupons & Loyalty Programs to reward repeat visits to your service or store. These can all be setup with a few clicks in your app tools.

10+ In-App GPS Features
20+ Push Alert Features
10+ App Design Features
10+ Media & Content
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Build stunning layouts.
Customize content easily.

You don't have to have a team of developers and designs to have a customized mobile app. And making changes or updates to your app needs to be a simple process. Our app builder tools and slick UI allow you to get the job done, fast.

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